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Back to the beginning...

Sunsoft :: From the Sunsoft website at the time that they closed the U.S. and European offices Many have wondered what happened to Sunsoft. Their website for the US office in Costa Mesa had gone offline, and their Europe office in London had also been closed down. At the same time, the office in Japan is still thriving and the Sunsoft website for the Japan region has not only continued to operate, it's been updated on a regular basis as well.

Sunsoft :: R.I.P. Blaster Master? Amid the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Sunsoft titles from U.S. store shelves, game trade news publication iemagazine had reported in Vol. 7, Issue 12, about the final pull-out of Sunsoft from the U.S. market.

Sunsoft :: CD cover art for the BM:BA soundtrack It had cited that several factors, including the transition between "next generation" gaming consoles, and overhead production costs, provided the catalysts for several smaller game developers to be pushed out of the competitive U.S. market, including Sunsoft.

A Key Game Distributor :: South California SVG office According to iemagazine, Sunsoft ceased publishing of their own games sometime in the mid-90's, and ended up outsourcing production to Electro Source. Sunsoft and ES did not see eye to eye on many issues, and Sunsoft left their partnership with ES to form a new business relationship with SVG (the distributor linked with Crave Entertaiment). SVG represented the last effort for Sunsoft to distribute their games in the U.S., and in the end, SVG initially decided against distributing both Blaster Master: Blasting Again (BMBA), and Eternal Eyes, both of which were PlayStation titles.

The conclusion to this saga occurred in March 2001, and involved Sunsoft of Japan undergoing what iemagazine's source has likened to "a reorganization very similar to the reorganization that Sega" experienced, with Sunsoft's Costa Mesa and London branches becoming casulties of that process. Being accountable for their profitability, Sunsoft decided against continuing the U.S. branch's existence "temporarily".

So what happened afterwards? Crave Entertainment decided at last to publish BMBA and have SVG distribute it through their retail channels, and stores such as Fry's Electronics, Target, and Wal Mart began carrying BMBA in late November of 2001. Distribution was limited at first, and shelf life of the title was short as PlayStation games were being priced to sell to make room for PlayStation 2 and other next gen console titles. Today, BMBA can still be purchased at a nominal price from used game retailers such as GameStop, and on occasion it can be found at auction houses such as eBay.