Sunsoft answers the fan community

Meta Fight EX :: Retail cover art Around the end of 1998, Sunsoft began initial designs in building new chapters on to the Blaster Master series. The franchise was popular enough in the gaming community, and coupled with the fan petition which was submitted to their U.S. office, these provided enough justification for the series to continue after a long five year hiatus from being in the spotlight.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below :: Retail cover art Meta Fight EX (Japan) and Blaster Master Enemy Below (U.S./Europe) were, in essence, direct ports of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Family Computer (Famicom) games which had launched the franchise. Many things were updated to help add value to the new games though. One such feature was a password feature to help people get through the difficult levels without starting at the beginning. There were also updated graphics, new introductory sequences, new storylines, and of course, new box and manual artwork.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below :: Grenades and enemies explode nicely The key factor of this game title's popularity? The gameplay. Sunsoft had maintained the gameplay while providing minor functional and cosmetic touch-ups to the rest of the engine (such as adding a password feature). With those changes and the re-introduction of Blaster Master to the GBC, Sunsoft had added another hit to their credit.