From the Land of the Rising Sun

Meta Fight :: Full Box Set Meta Fight was a game created in 1988, by Sunsoft, for their 8-bit console called a "Family Computer" (popularly known as the Famicom), marketed and sold in Japan. It was one of the many games that were released by Sunsoft of Japan for the Famicom during that time period.

The main characters were Kane Gardner (pilot), and Dr. Jennifer Cornet (creator of the assault vehicle, 'Metal Attaker', otherwise known as NORA). The game had players controlling NORA, which could perform various actions such as rotate and raise the cannon, jump, and (with the help of various upgrades) climb walls, break bricks, and fly. At any time during the game, players could have Kane exit the vehicle and fight hand to hand. Sometimes this was necessary to fight bosses to gain upgrades for NORA.Meta Fight :: Article about Meta Fight, from Japan publication

Gameplay wasn't all that much different from the U.S. release of Meta Fight, called "Blaster Master". The main in-game differences were the opening cinematic, ending cinematic, storyline, and (of course) language.

Meta Fight :: Cartridge Close-up Some of the lingering questions regarding this piece of history include the enigmatic company listed on the cartridge label for Meta Fight, "Tokai Engineering". What happened to them? Did they come up with the Meta Fight concept in order to get published through Sunsoft? When I was working with Sunsoft on Blaster Master: Blasting Again, no one there could help answer my question either, so its likely this mystery will never be solved.