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Blaster Master: Blasting Again


Game Background
Title: Blaster Master Blasting Again
Platform: Sony PlayStation / PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Year of Release: 2001
Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
BM Blasting Again Review (GA)
BMBA preview (IGNPSX)
Game Screenshots
Blaster Master 2 :: Facing down the 'bots Blaster Master 2 :: Inventory and Power-ups screen Blaster Master 2 :: Gateway, but to where? Blaster Master 2 :: Fire spouts (why are these so popular?)
Blaster Master 2 :: Watching the sun set on a damaged world Blaster Master 2 :: Jason takes on a mechanical boss Blaster Master 2 :: The new overhead/bird's eye view was unique to BM2 Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy
Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy
Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy
Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy Blaster Master 2 :: Time to feed the fishy
Movies from the Game
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4 MB filesize  6 MB filesize
Box Covers
Blaster Master: Blasting Again :: North America release for Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2



Year 2019

For several years, large-scale crust sinkage, disruptions in ocean currents and other abnormalities have been reported in regions throughout the world. Various theories were expounded by the international community of experts, but none of them were even close to generating a solution. However, there were two people in the world who sensed the cause of these anomalies.


Their names were Roddy and Ellfie: Jason's children, who had been left fatherless too soon and too young by Jason's untimely death. The first step must be to confirm their suspicions...

Roddy takes the newest model Sophia, once his father's, deep underground... Soon they saw the second crust Jason spoke of in that land below land, and a gate-like structure from which issued a number of strange creatures.

...that just like in the past described by the children's father, they had begun their move towards the planet's core.

(storyline from Blaster Master: Blasting Again game manual)