Blaster Master enters the 3D arena

BM:BA :: Concept Cover Art About the same time that Blaster Master Enemy Below was in development, Sunsoft announced that they had started work on a new chapter of the Blaster Master saga... for the Sony PlayStation. This meant two things: Sunsoft wanted to answer their fans' demand for a new Blaster Master on a next gen console, and secondly, Blaster Master would be entering the 3D arena. It was a gamble for Sunsoft, as there was uncertainty on whether the BM concept could be successfully transferred to a 3D environment.

BM:BA :: Ellfie at the console Although Sunsoft developed Blaster Master Blasting Again (BMBA) for the PlayStation, they wanted it to be compatible with the PlayStation 2 (PS2) as well. The engine was developed so that BMBA could take advantage of the PS2 rendering hardware for sharper polygon effects, as well as vibrational feedback during play. Finally, players would be able to feel the battlefield, as their on-screen alter ego, Sophia J7, jumped from level to level.

BM:BA :: Beehive unloads BM:BA :: In-game screencap

The gameplay for BMBA was similar that of its predecessors, BM and BM2, only that the new engine was using 3D objects to represent the game. What we have is basically a platformer with dual modes of play: fighting with the vehicle Sophia J7, or getting out on foot and battling using Jason only. In addition, players will receive (sometimes helpful) messages from Ellfie, who is stationed remotely from Jason and Sophia. As it was with the previous games, Sophia J7 can be equipped with different upgrades as the boss characters are defeated, making gameplay highly diverse while at the same time preserving basic elements of play so that players have a variety of game modes to explore.

BM:BA :: Concept cover art BMBA was noted by many as a new achievement for Sunsoft, creating a new legion of fans from the PlayStation generation, while at the same time giving a new game to those who enjoyed the original Famicom and NES games. At the same time, it marked a turning point for the company, which would greatly affect them as the quarter ending reports for the year 2001 were wrapped up.