A BM side-story: the novel emerges

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master :: Front cover scan Between 1990 and 1991, a series of books named Worlds of Power were released. These (apparently unlicensed) books were based on popular Nintendo games such as Ninja Gaiden and Bionic Commando. They were each based on a game that was developed by a third-party game developer, such as Konami, Akklaim, and Sunsoft. There was no Super Mario Bros. novel, for example, because SMB was produced by Nintendo.

One book in the Worlds of Power series was based on Blaster Master. That novel was written by A.L. Singer (under the alias F.X. Nine, the pen name for the group of authors who wrote the Worlds of Power series), and published by Scholastic, the popular publisher of novels for children (some may remember Scholastic from those book list order forms that were being pushed in elementary/grade school classrooms).

The BM novel recanted the story of the Blaster Master game, with some story and character additions. In the novel, Jason tries to rescue his pet frog but falls down the hole the frog made and meets a shapeshifting alien named Eve, who had piloted Sophia the 3rd from her now decimated homeworld. Her world was destroyed by a mysterious race of creatures whose goals are to inhabit the center of every world they visit, steal the plutonium from that world, and then destroy the world when they were done with it.

Eve and Jason then form an uneasy alliance and go after the mysterious creatures before they can destroy the Earth. Later on they both find Alex and rescue him, and proceed onward to the final battle against the Plutonium Boss, the creature in charge of draining the Earth of its plutonium.

Many of the people who read the novel found it entertaining (keep in mind, the reading audience targeted by Scholastic was of grade school age). At the very least, it attempted to provide an interesting layout to the game itself. You might even call it an alternate version of Blaster Master, had Sunsoft implemented a vaster storyline to BM.