The History of Blaster Master

"In the beginning, there was a tank..."

The original Blaster Master, as a consumer game title, had played a significant part in strengthening and bringing visibility to Nintendo's product line-up in 1988, as well as lending power to the growing resurgence in the videogame industry in the United States. For those who still remember, back in 1984 the U.S. experienced what could be called the "second videogame crash", where the market had become oversaturated (again) to the point of causing apathy among consumers. Two years after Nintendo successfully introduced their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the U.S., Blaster Master was released to a market primed to receive it.

This section of the Sophia Archives serves as a periodical to provide all of the information about the BM game series' development, about the backgrounds of the games themselves, and some details about the people involved in the game development.

Please keep in mind that this a "living document": things will change and shift as new facts or leads emerge. Those who have kindly contributed to this archive will be credited whenever possible.